What is a CricketSat ?
       CricketSat is an educational outreach component of
the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium funded through an
Educational Outreach Grant awarded in 2006.  The
CricketSat is a remote temperature sensor circuit
developed by the Space Systems Development Laboratory
at Stanford University.  The CricketSat technology and
concepts used in Arkansas are the result of research
accomplished by Mike Fortney of the University of
Vermont.  The circuits are simple, student built PC boards
that converts temperature to a tone and broadcasts it over
a radio frequency.  The transmitting sensor is flown
attached to a helium filled party balloon that allows
students to measure atmospheric temperature as the
balloon increases in altitude.  

Teachers participating in one of our CricketSat workshops
will learn how to build, calibrate, and fly the sensors. Each
participating teacher will leave the workshop with a
complete sensor package free of charge, ready to fly at
their own school !         
A CricketSat Receiver
A CricketSat Transmitter